Our Daily Blend of 2100mg of CBD Stacked With Echinacea & Ginseng is Available Now!

Daily contains 2100mg of CBD derived from Kentucky’s finest organic, non-GMO broad-spectrum hemp, combined with Ginseng and Echinacea, powerful herbs native to Appalachia that have been used for generations. Kentucky’s best cold pressed hemp seed oil completes this potent blend that will support a Hero’s health and wellness.


A Science-Based Approach to Appalachian Tradition.

KyKana began as a goal: to encourage wellness throughout Eastern Kentucky and beyond using all-natural, plant-based formulas. The mountains and fields of Kentucky provide us with numerous treasured and useful plants. Using the magic of the mountains and the bounty of the fields, we combine science with tradition, improving on ancient wisdom with new discoveries.

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The Science

Pre-clinical studies indicate that cannabinoids can be effective in reducing the use of addictive substances.

KyKana Corporation, along with supporting team members, is developing a natural alternatives to support the successful completion of addiction treatment through the use of major and minor cannabinoids and their acidic precursors.

Newly developed and patented technology will be utilized to achieve this goal with proof generated from a statistically significant test pool that has heretofore been unavailable.

A Little Bit of Science for You!

A Cool Patent (Not Ours)

We certainly aren't making any medical claims, but during our research we found a very interesting document in the public record that we wanted to share. The U.S. patent on CBD!

Some Research

Even More Research!

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Meet Our Team

A team of proud Kentuckians united by their vision to fight the addiction epidemic in Eastern Kentucky!

Michael Fox


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Michael is a lifelong resident of Eastern Kentucky, having lived in Olive Hill, Kentucky most of his life. After graduating high school Michael enrolled at Morehead State University. After three semesters of living directionless and broke, Michael withdrew from school and began working on construction pipeline projects around the country. He saved his money and reenrolled at MSU two years later with newfound purpose. Michael graduated MSU with a double major in philosophy and psychology in 1986, and three years later graduated from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University. 

Michael has had a diverse legal career. He is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in Kentucky and the United States 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. He has litigated matters ranging from mass torts in federal court to both the prosecution and defense of death penalty criminal matters. Michael has represented several corporations as general counsel and has founded and cofounded several successful businesses in addition to his legal practice. Michael is a husband and father and has a lifelong passion for outdoor sports activities and nature in general.

Max Hammond


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Max Hammond is blessed and proud to be an Appalachian. A life-long horseman, he loves and lives on a six generation, Eastern Kentucky, hillside farm and cares for 24 head of Paso Fino horses. He is a graduate of the Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Morehead State University and the United States Army Engineer School, has served at all levels of government from municipal to federal and in the Army and Marine Corps.

Max has been involved in all aspects of the hemp industry; from the planting and harvesting of crops to equipment design, research and product development. Taught the science of herbalism from childhood he carries his family's multi-generational knowledge of field and forest remedies and foods. Dedicated to the preservation and advancement of Appalachia, he is involved in several regional initiatives, including serving on the steering committee, of What’s Next East Kentucky, an organization founded to connect and grow communities in this region. Max helped develop the concept of “The Appalachian Horse Revival” which was presented to and adopted by Morehead State University. He is currently working as a community partner with Eastern Kentucky University on the Mountain Horse Project. As President of the Olive Hill Council for Planning and Restoration, he founded, helped produce and hosted the first “ Trail Town Stage”, a live show, that celebrates the range, depth and influence of mountain music and promotes the rich songwriting and storytelling heritage of our region. He also successfully promoted his hometown as a location for the filming of a motion picture. Max is continuing an effort to establish a trail system centered in Eastern Kentucky that will honor the first Appalachians, the Native Americans.

Kellie blake, RDN, LD, IFNCP

Chief Nutrition Officer and VP of Product Development

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Kellie Blake RDN, LD, IFNCP is a registered dietitian specializing in functional nutrition.   She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2001 and is licensed to practice dietetics in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.  In addition to her work as both a psychiatric and hospice dietitian, Kellie co-owns a private practice, NutriSense Nutrition Consulting, LLC.  In her private practice, Kellie assists her clients in determining the root causes of disease symptoms and uses a functional nutrition approach to help clients regain their health and quality of life.  Kellie is also a health and nutrition writer and currently serves on the Editorial Board of Integrative Practitioner where she contributes monthly articles featuring her client case studies.  Kellie was named a Top Ten Dietitian by Today’s Dietitian magazine in 2015. 

After a 20-year battle with autoimmune disease, Kellie was introduced to functional medicine and nutrition and has been able to successfully reverse her own autoimmune disease symptoms using this life-saving information.   Kellie is passionate about sharing the food as medicine message and in 2020 published The Psoriasis Diet Cookbook where she shares her personal story, information on how to target the root causes of autoimmune disease, and 75 simple- to-make anti-inflammatory recipes. Kellie maintains a healthy living blog at and shares her favorite recipes on Instagram @nutrisensenutrition.

Dr. William Lanier, PhD

Chief Science Officer

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Dr. William Lanier, Ph.d  studied pre-med at Florida Atlantic university graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2002.

He was awarded a Doctorate in Genetics in 2009 from the University of Iowa.

Well published he also holds rights to several patents in the field of extraction technology. He has held executive positions in several high-tech companies.  

Our Mission

Utilizing nature’s bounty to improve lives and well-being.

Our mission is to improve lives and promote health and well-being by providing natural remedies and foods utilizing education and research, and relying upon sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Kykana Updates

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What Our Customers are Saying.


I had the opportunity to participate in a study for KyKana's CBD oil. When asked to try it, I agreed because I had been looking for a natural pain relief and while some oils I had tried helped they were not as effective as I had hoped. After a few days of placing the oil under my tongue each morning I noticed that my hands no longer hurt and that my grip in both hands had become stronger! I had been dropping things daily but that all changed! But that wasn't the only improvement in myself I noticed. Being the president of the Olive Hill Area Chamber of Commerce and dealing with my son's medical issues had caused great stress in my life along with anxiety and depression (Covid-19 worries sure hadn't helped matters either). I had been experiencing chest pains and felt like I wasn't able to take a good breath. All that changed with the help of KyKana CBD oil. I was calm, no longer experiencing chest pains, breathing had become normal, and life felt happier. The oil had been the only change I had made so I am convinced IT WORKS (and I am a huge skeptic)! I am honored to be the first customer to purchase this amazing oil from this new local company. Thank you KyKana for improving my quality of life!

Lisa from Facebook


I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998 and told, "Whatever you've ever wanted to do, do it now!" Thankfully, I was also told by a wise home health nurse to never stop fighting. In essence, I've tried about every disease-modifying MS drug on the market and my body rejected them. What actually WORKED for me, was healthy eating, pure essential oils, natural remedies, and now... Kykana CBD oil. Athough MS gave me a left side deficit of strength and coordination and vision issues, I felt blessed NOT to have experienced neuropathy (nerve pain) like many others... until 2019. At first, I thought I'd been stung by a bee! Others followed on the top of my feet, at my ankles, and then my shins. Randomly, I'd jump from the sudden pain as it increased in intensity to throbbing. I tried the essential oils CBD at 500 mg, which helped. BUT... when I started the Kykana 1200 mg CBD, I found total relief!!! Not only does it work quickly, it's a LOCAL BUSINESS I can support!! Here's the amazing bonus that I will FOREVER be thankful... In October, 2020, my 32 yr-old daughter spent 6 days in a hospital from a Covid-induced blood clot in her lung. She couldn't take her normal medications because of blood thinners she must take for at least 6 months. Her migraines and back pain, those caused by a pre-existing condition, returned with fury. On her recent visit for Christmas, I started her on the Kykana CBD. It brought INSTANT relief!! She bought the 2100 mg to take back to CA!!   Thank you Kykana for using the plants God created to provide relief, health, and... quality of living for me, my daughter, and others. <3  I'm still on my feet! And I'm pain free

A.F. from a Website Contact Submission

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